Dec 11, 2007

Paula Dean Made Me Mad, Ya'll!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am angry. I mean, really angry. Maybe the angriest I have ever been. (Note: I use the phrase "the angriest I have ever been" very, very often. Pay no attention to it. Ever.)

Okay, picture it.
Monday night, December 3rd.
Packed house.
The Crazy Monkey Ladies are sitting and talking with the audience during our "Coffee Talk" segment and I mention that if I made the trip to Georgia the least I could get out of it was to meet Paula Dean.

Right then, a beutiful, silver haired lady raises her hand and screams, "Right here, baby."

And ladies, my world stopped.
I mean, it literally stopped.

This is Paula, ya'll. This is like Celine Deon - but with food.

At that moment, God walked out. He really did. I mean, He must have. Because I don't remember anything else except "did I sound good on that last song because she does a Christmas show..."

Then afterwards, when ladies were coming up to us to ask us to pray for this and that, I was out stalking Paula. Rhonda caught me huddled in a corner waiting for her to walk by before I would pounce. I don't remember exactly what Rhonda said but the words "Seriously" and "get a grip" were used. Kate encouraged me to be a bold woman of God and go up to her and speak LIFE! Terra prayed I would have a Godly encounter with her. And Stacey rolled her eyes. (Yep, that's all of us in a nutshell.)

After waiting my turn with some 30 other women who stood in line with pen in hand I went up to her.

And ya'll.................................................I'm mad.
This was NOT Paula Dean.
This wasn't even a friend of Paula Dean.
I had encountered a Paula Dean IMPERSONATOR.
I mean, seriously, who does that for a living????

After having my picture taken with her (look closely, you will see some serious disappointment in my eyes), she introduced herself as "Jeannie. A Paula Dean impersonator."


And so that's how it went. That's how our big outing in Georgia went. I spotted Paula across a crowded room, forgot in one breath what God had originally called me to do, any annointing in my life walked out the side door and I was left with a sham of a picture.

My ministry in a nutshell people.

And it all began with a lie.

Coming next: More on Georgia...and Frannie.

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Lisa said...

Oh Melissa. I'd have been mad too. Does that woman have a life? I do have to mention though that I did notice that you are wearing the earrings I gave you in that pic and I must say they look Fabulous!! Sorry you crazy monkey lady...