Nov 11, 2007

Nothin' a little chicken soup and The Golden Girls can't fix.

Day three. And I'm still sick.
I felt myself going down, down, down on Thursday night. And sure enough, by Friday morning I was down for the count. If you could see me now I'm a cliche'. Red, puffy eyes, runny nose, constant, nagging cough and the greasiest hair you've ever seen. Gross, I know. But I don't want to get in the shower, I want to stay under the sheets.

Here are some other things I want.

I want my husband to come home. He's been out of town for too long. He was out of town all last week. Came home for about 24 hours and left again. I want him to come home and pet on me.

I want Remi to magically be able to tee-tee in the potty, learn to use the microwave and speak in a soft whisper. Then she can rightfully go back to being one - but not right now, not while mommy's sick.

I want my dad to come visit me. Whenever I was little and was sick it was my dad who would spoil me rotten. Lunch hours would always be spent coming home with his hands full - a bottle of Coke (which Texans believe can cure any ill), kleenex, at least 2 movies and hand full of Archie Comic books. Sometimes he would even stop off at Wal-Mart for some warm pj's or fuzzy socks. (Ya'll excuse me while I grab a kleenex, not for my nose, for my eyes.)

If my mom is somewhere reading this right now I can assure you she is rolling her eyes. But she knows it's true. Dad was the spoiler, mom was the chicken soup maker. And still to this day I have to have it when I'm sick. David did go to Costco and buy me their deli Chicken soup which is the best I have ever had since mom's.

Fill me up a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup and turn on re-runs of the Golden Girls, and I am good to go for a little bit. But just a little bit. Soon the soup will run out and the re-runs will shut off - and then where will I be?? Stuck here on this couch.
I've read every book that's been laying around my house for years. Watched every show my TiVo has recorded. If someone out there really loved me they would drop a People magazine off in my mailbox.

Until then, I have to run...
Stan just bought Dorothy at a Bachelorette Auction and Blanche and Rose are helping her get ready for her date. Dorothy asked to borrow Jack's dress but Janet and Chrissy reminded him that Mr. Furley gave it to Jack and Karen who are using it for Grace's wedding that they are attending with Will. Which is ironic since Kramer told Jerry and Elaine that no wedding could happen on a Sunday if Matlock couldn't be there and he would surely be in court. And why they are holding court on a Sunday I do not know but Doug and Kerri will probably figure it out as long as Arthur doesn't drive them nuts in the mean time. Which reminds me that as soon as Captain Stubing docks this big huge boat and Gopher and Isaac get off Grissom and the gang can finally get on here and figure out who killed Laverne and Shirley.

Somebody...a People magazine. Please!!

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