Nov 21, 2007

How I know It's Thanksgiving.

It's Thanksgiving. And I'll tell you how I know.
I currently have 12 people staying in my home. And so the house I worked so hard to clean from top to bottom is now in complete shambles.
My child has forgotten how to say "mama" and now says "poppie" only and goes to everyone BUT me.
And someone keeps farting and won't fess up.
Yep, that's how I know it's Thanksgiving.

But I'll tell you how else I know.
As I sit here on the couch typing this I look around my downstairs and this is what I see...

My granny is sitting in my Vestal chair. (I am not angry about this for I have dealt with it in my heart.) But also because it's Granny and if she wanted to light my Vestal chair on fire you have to let her because - it's Granny. All hail Granny. She is the reigning queen. And she isn't the reigning queen because she deemed herself this but because she came to Tennessee as a widow this year. After 57 years she is alone on Thanksgiving. But she still came. And there she sits, after making dressing all day even though we told her not to. And after cleaning my kitchen even after we begged her to sit. And after chasing Remi around even though she has a bad knee and a slight limp. She is the queen - and only she can have the Vestal chair. I am so thankful she came. Although it isn't the same without our Pawpaw, I am so glad to have her. It wouldn't be the same if she wasn't here.

My aunt Melba is laid out in the recliner asleep. Again. And rightfully so for her and my Uncle Donald's 11 hour trip from Texas turned in to 16 hours after a flat tire. And considering the year they've had they deserve all the naps they want. I'm thankful I'm having Thanksgiving with them after Donald had open heart surgery and my aunt sat by his bedside. It's been a hard, and often cruel, year. But God is faithful and so here she lays - opening her eyes periodically to watch the news. And I love it.

I look over at my mom holding Remi close to her side. The refreigerator is wide open becusae it seems to be a nonie's job to offer anything and everything to a one year old to eat. Mac and cheese? No? Pizza? No? Cheese? No? Cake? No? Coke? No? (Yep, these are the horrific options a nonie gives a Remi) But just as soon as Nonie closes that fridge door Remi's head falls onto her shoulder. Seems like food wasn't what Remi wanted after all. Just her Nonie. I love that and I am thankful beyond belief.

Now I can barely write this due to the noise coming from my kitchen table. Who knew Monopoly could cause such a s stir? But when it's between David and my dad, my uncle Donald, my cousin Brandon and his girlfriend Shaunna, and my little sister Mallory...well, things get a little hairy. But as I watch them laugh and kid and throw things at each other I sit here thankful.

This house is as loud as it gets. It's as messy as it comes. But it's full of love. Absolutley chocked full of love. And I couldnt' be more thankful. Scripture says that "He sets the lonely in families." It's because of families like this. No one is lonely. And everyone is loved. And I, for one, am most thankful.


Lisa said...

You have NO idea just how much my heart breaks to not be there with all of you; the ones that I love like they are mine from the start, but well, in a nutshell; it just wasn't a possibility. I am so thankful for you and for this incredible family that for some reason God in his graciousness decided to bless me with. I cannot ever quite find the words to tell you how much you mean to me!! Who would have ever imagined instead of giving me sisters; my Father would give me a cousin by marriage that I love as much as I could imagine loving a sister.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

stephanie davis said...

melissa, this entry made me cry! girl, i miss you and can't wait to see you and little miss remi