Oct 20, 2010

Hand-made. Heart-felt.

Remember when it was that simple?

Remember when wearing a hand-made necklace home from Sunday School was all you needed as a reminder to simply obey?

When did it get so stinkin' hard?

I watched Remi wear her necklace to the car on Sunday with pride. I watched her show it off at lunch to anyone who even glanced in her direction. I watched her look at it and repeat the words over and over, "I will obey God." The necklace symbolized what obedience looks like to a 4 year old. Simple. Plain. Easy. Colorful. Lightweight. Homemade.

I thought to myself, "You wanna see a necklace, Remi? A real obedience necklace? Let me show you mine." And then I imagined what it would look like. Heavy. Dark. Weighted down. Missing pieces. Uneven edges. Of course I didn't say this to her because after all she is only 4 and it seemed a little heavy to someone who was picking their nose and eating mac & cheese at the same time.

But my obedience, at least right now, is not pretty necklace. Its heavy and it costs me something every time I wear it. Which is why, more times than not lately, I leave it on my dresser at home and think, "It doesn't go with these shoes....maybe next time." But every time I leave it, it gets easier to leave the next time.

Which is why I wish my necklace looked like hers. Easy. Bright. Simple. Then perhaps I would wear it with as much preciousness as she did.


If you (really) love me you will keep (obey) My commands.
John 14:15


Mitzi said...

Lovely. Was just sitting here thinking pretty much the same thing. Have been reading the book"Crazy Love". The path is not easy, but the reward is great.

Christie said...

I've found the less I concentrate on the rules and the more I concentrate on His infininte, unfailing, undeserving, unconditional grace that was bestowed upon me... It's then, fueled by a deep love and gratitude, I find the rules are obeyed a little bit easier. :o)

Of course the sin in me will continually battle until the day I die and I'm often tempted to focus on the rules. When I do, I find myself either "trying harder" or "doing more," which leads me to the weightiness you speak of. Which of course, ultimately, more often than not, I then find myself discouraged and leaving "my necklace in the drawer" too... Because that method of obedience is just too hard.

But I learned a very valuable lesson over the last couple of years. It's not about the rules. It's about the gospel. The good news that HE did for me what I cannot do for myself. When I marvel in the weightiness of THAT, next thing I know I'm obeying because I want to (rather than have to), I'm obeying because He's continually renewing and refining me. I'm obeying because of love and I'm guilt free :o)

Michaela Pate said...

Look at your necklace a little closer, Melissa. Don't you see all those sparkly diamonds...once was ugly old carbon/mineral deposits...but the heat and flames of life have turned that into diamonds! Wear it with pride knowing you & Jesus keep adding to it.

Kar said...

A beautiful post...