Sep 1, 2010

We're Back From A Brief Meltdown.

To say that I have had computer problems is putting it mildly. But I hate to blame anything on my computer when I could just as easily blame it on my children.

For the last 24 hours I have tried, tried and tried again to post something. After all, I have had MUCH to say (don't I always) but it has been met with great resistance on the part of all things technical. But literally, 12 minutes after The AG returned home from a business trip everything was running smoothly. Apparently there is some little button on the side of my computer that turns the internet on and off. And it was off. And it was not (Rocco) my fault (Rocco).

So now I can blog. Except that I forgot what I was going to blog about so now I have nothing to say.

Chances are I was going to blog about how Remi Hope has had a viral infection and has been running temps upwards of 104. And although that is sad and scary she is doing much better now so I don't feel so bad for asking this question: But is it just me or do all moms take temperature like this, "Okay you have 103.4. Which means you have been locked in this house with me since Sunday, so that's Sunday, Monday, and probably Tuesday and Wednesday. You have a temperature of 4 more days till mommy goes to live in a hospital."

Is that just me?

I love Remi's pediatrician, I really do. But when he came back in and told me there was nothing he could do for her "it will just have to run its course" I looked back and him and said "you get out that handy dandy prescription pad and you make some magic happen, Jack." Apparently he thought I was talking about for her. I wasn't.

So today, after four days of some really high fever and some really high pitched whining, Remi is back in rare form and off to school. Oh sure, she was still running 102 last night when I put her to bed but I sent her to school anyway.

Oh, seriously.

I'm not that bad.

Am I, Lord?

She was fever free and back to her old self. So off she went. Which means I need to get a few things done before they call from Rocco's pre-K to let me know he's running a temp. Which I expect will happen just annnnnnnyyyyytime now. The doctor said he predicts Rocco will have aquired this lovely disease by about 10pm Friday night.

Rocco's birthday party is on Saturday.

Do you see my problem here? I can't win for losing. But I'll tell you this, if that child gets sick and is in bed on the day of his birthday party I will not be upset that I spent my life savings on a cake that looks like Mickey's playhouse. Oh, no. It will still get eaten. I assure you. And I might (I said might) even let The AG have a piece.

And I thought I had nothing to say. Ha.


Karen Carter said...

Just popping in to say I am still reading every day! So funny I have you as a RSS feed and I read all the "ok" ones and save yours for last always! I like to take my time and read every bit. And then I smile and say a little prayer for your sweet family. Hope everyone stays healthy for the party and momma gets some rest. Take a few swings of that dimatap too : ) Hugs Karen~

Anonymous said...

seem to remember reading something about this past month declaring that this has not been the case, merely can't seem to locate the web page link.

Vickie said...

Just be glad Remi didn't have chicken pox... then you'd have 4 weeks locked up at home with sick kids... happened to me with our kids. One got it, then the other two did two weeks later...