Sep 20, 2010

Tuesday, You Are Welcome Here.

5. Monday I went back to the gym. It was the first time in a very long time. On my way out the door a lady grabbed my arm and said, "Its good to have you back." And I thought that it made the gym feel kinda like a Sunday School class for really skinny people.

4. My stupid iPod broke. I went to the website to see how to reset it, but even that doesn't work. It is just really old and really used and really tired. And so it broke. And it broke while I was working out. And it decided to freeze up and break on a podcast that I had record 100 years ago and had never listened to called, "How to Discipline Your Children In a Christ-Like Way" by Focus on the Family. And my eyes got a major workout from all the rolling they were doing while I was working out. Stupid iPod.

3. Also on Monday I went to get a Texas license. I figured its about time since I've lived in this state over a year. I stood in line 25 minutes for them to tell me I needed a birth certificate ("I will need to find that"), my social security card ("Hmmmm...I know I saw that somewhere"), proof of vehicle registration ("Proof of a what on a huh?") and $25 (I only had $6 on me). She also told me I would have to have my picture made. I was surprised by all of this! The AG asked me later, "You didn't know it cost to get a licence and you had to have a picture taken?" And I replied, "I honestly didn't know all of that. I just assumed you got it for free and they used your old picture." "The one from Tennessee? The one from 12 years ago?" "Yes, I wanted them to use the one where I had The Rachel haircut." And it was then that I realized: I am my mother.

2. I picked both of my children up from school early on Monday. I disrupted one classes nap time and another classes recess. Both children were pretty hacked off at me, but they had a dentist appointment. Can I mention what a pleasure it is to ride down the street with one child who is crying from missing his nap and one who is screaming, "On Scooby Doo, Shaggy had to get a shot in his tooth. And then they made him eat cotton! Please don't let them give me a shot in my tooth! I hate cotton! Puhhlleeeeze mama!"

1. I arrived at the dentist 24 1/2 hours early.

Mondays. Gotta love 'em.


Andrea Frederick said...

This entire post has me giggling! I hope your Tuesday is much, MUCH better! My facebook status said: "You think your day is bad until you see a man PUSHING his motorcycle along side the road in 90 degrees!" I hope my Tuesday is better too!
p.s. I teach 20 first graders (pray for me:)

Candice said...

God love you!

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Brandi said...

We've all had such days, haven't we? Thanks for laugh! And for the record...I'm glad it's Tuesday, too!


martha said...

Very well told. We can all relate, but you describe it better!

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