Aug 23, 2010

There is a God and He Is Alive and Well In The 75904.




You may think to yourself, "doesn't Melissa have two small children who are not quite school age, yet?" And to that I would say, "Melissa, is no dummy."

At this point I would consider sending them off to carny school where they could learn how to run carnival rides or fry funnel cakes in the back of a van if it would get them off of both of my thighs.

So Remi is in five days a week pre-K at Saint Cyprians and Rocco is in 3 day a week at First Christian. So either they will come out an Episcopal or a Lutheran, don't make me no never mind, as long as they acknowledge me when I speak and don't throw cobs of corn at each other across the table.

Yes, my lovelies, its been a long hot summer.

But summer is over now.

Time to drag those little plastic pools out to the garbage can and let all that brown grass underneath try and come back to life.

Its time to pour that 10-gallon jug of Kool-Aid down your sink and fill that baby back up with something mama likes to sip on.

Its time to throw away the three flip-flops in your child's closet that haven't found their partner these last two weeks (just face it: they're gone - lost - vanished - its over - you bought 'em at Old Navy for $1, move on.)

And its time to tell yourself that since the kids are back in school now YOU can get on a schedule, now YOU can have time for yourself, now YOU can start working out again..........tomorrow.

For now, rest, put your feet up, flip on the D(o)I(t)Y(ourself) Network and watch somebody else do it....because today is your day. Its the first week back in school.

And all God's mama's said...............................................


Shelley said...

I sing all morning, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." My kids hate that song (as I cackle gleefully).

Rudd Family Circus said...

Last year I had two in preschool that was from 9am to 2pm in the afternoon... this year one in Kindergarden that is only from 12:05 to 3pm and I have to at home again.... I am trying to convince my hubby that is would be beneficial to all if I could put the two left at home into preschool... so far he is not buying it. But I think a couple more weeks of no laundry, dinner or clean house and he will come around. Oh and I stopped drinking soda 3 days ago... ya no sanity here.

Candice said...

Sooo glad you're back!

Kim Little said...

...and the parents that tell me, "Oh, I just looooove summer...having my children hoooome with me....." and I are brain damaged!!!

I love school time. Routine, Routine, Routine!

Brandi said...

So, I just happened to stumble across your blog and I had no choice but to push the "Follow" button. Thank you for giving me a huge giggle this morning! :0)