Mar 29, 2010

Using My Senses.

I got a lot of time on my hands. A lot.

I am on day seven of a 42 day "sabbatical." (I call it a sabbatical because at the end of this 42 days I had better be refreshed, recharged and have learned something about myself. Or what was it all for?) And when you are stuck lying in bed you learn a couple of things. You hear a couple of things. You see a couple of things.

And that is what I will leave you with today.

  • I hear the NCAA game being played on television. I have heard it on our television for the past four days straight. The AG is so pumped that I am confined to bed; it means he gets the good TV. However, if I hear another whistle blow I am likely to start dribbling in my sleep.

  • I can hear Remi and Rocco playing outside. I hear Remi talking and talking. I hear Rocco crying and crying. One is really spoiled and one is really bossy. I will let you determine which is which.

  • I can see outside my window the cats sleeping lazily on the trellis. And they look peaceful and completely unaware of anything going on underneath them. And in some ways I am envious; mainly I'm envious of the fact that when they jump down off that trellis their bones won't snap in two like mine totally would.

  • I did some online research and found a strategy for reading the entire Bible in 30 days. It looks HAAARRDD. But goodness knows I have the time. So I wonder if I will try it. But I tell myself ahead of time, "If you do, do not let your bloggy friends know about it, or they might do something fanatical like, 'hold you accountable' or something. God forbid." So I'm keeping mum on the issue.

  • Rocco is walking inside now. Still crying. "Mamamamamamama..." Crap.

  • I smell my dinner being heated up. And I wonder if he will try to poison me. Because I seriously considered poisoning him once when he had a bad cough for four days.

  • I've asked God why I'm here, in this bed, on these crutches, in this condition for the next six weeks. What does He want from me? What He does He need from me that He can only get from me by having me flat on my back? I've asked. But now I'm refusing to listen. For fear He will tell me.

  • If you could see this bed you would know that I have a complete obsession with pillows. Okay, maybe not "obsession" - since you really need to be rich to have an actual obsession with something. And since I can't afford a pillow every time I see one then I would describe it as a really strong like.

  • Something happened today that made me embarrassed, ashamed and really sad. Normally I would crawl under the covers to escape my feelings. But since I'm sick of the covers I would prefer to get in the car and drive away. This makes me realize that I have trouble confronting things head on and prefer escape as my cope mechanism. I'm okay with this.

  • He is about to bring my dinner to me. Really fearing the whole "poison" thing. Making a mental note to take 48 Hours Mystery off my DVR.


Sissy said...

I have missed several posts and OMG, Melissa, I am so sorry that you are now trapped in bed!!! Whoa. I was thinking about this phenomena this weekend, when I was sick and wondering who would take care of the kids (my imaginary adopted ones, of course) with my husband wanting to work outside in the yard. I'm sure the AG will do a great job, and I'll be sending up some prayers for you.

Karen Carter said...

I know I keep saying it but its true! We are soooo much alike. I just got done with 4 months off with a knee injury. Complete with handicap carts at Costco during the holidays and therapy for months. Its the pits!And I am so sorry. Who knows why these things happen. Probably if I wasnt carrying an extra 10 pounds it would heal faster! {ok more like 40 but whateva} I do wish I lived near you as my own kids are grown and I would love to help...But if you need anything at all you can borrow my bell. I am quite sure my hubby threw it in the trash on day one but I can get another. Take Care...Hugs Sista Karen~