Jan 26, 2010

Ten Reasons Why There Is No Bachelor Post.

1. I didn't get to watch it.

Okay, maybe there is only one reason why there is no bachelor post. But that title just didn't seem as official as "Ten Reasons..."

But for cryin' out loud, since you all just can't make it a day without my Bachelor post I will go ahead and give you the full scoop on why I don't have it. Bunch of cry babies. (I know, I know, I'm exaggerating just a smidge, but this is my blog.)

So here really are 10 Reasons Why There Is No Bachelor Post:

1. I didn't get to watch it.

2. I am in Houston at St. Luke's hospital with my family. And although there is a television in the waiting room I find it difficult to scream at the TV, throw my drink across the room and yell things like "don't kiss her, she buys her clothes two sizes too small!" when there are people in there who are sad.

3. Remi was not a very good girl at school today. She brought home a bad report. Very bad. Very very bad. So I was in no mood for Vienna. No mood at all.

4. It is 9:16pm as I am writing this and both of my children are still very much awake and screaming and wailing and throwing their bodies in the air and gnashing their teeth and foaming at the mouth. So no, watching my favorite reality show? Not really an option.

5. I would have tried to make The AG watch it and give me the low down, since he stayed home and didn't come to Houston. But he took my Granny on a date. Yes, you heard that right. He took my Granny to her Genealogy meeting at the library and then out to eat - because He is the most precious thing God ever created. And therefore asking him to watch The Bachelor seemed a wee bit like I was pushing it.

6. Meridith is with me. And since her heart is pretty invested in her daddy right now I couldn't quite ask her to invest it in Jake. Although she did lean over and whisper to me at one point, "I'd rather be watching the Bachelor." And of course, I knew she would. Who wouldn't? It's escapism at its best.

7. This has nothing to do with The Bachelor but my Granny said that when The AG walked into the library "he looked so tall and handsome and he was wearing the most beautiful tie and all the women in the room were really taken with him." Which means the boy still has the ability to delight me and a room full of 70 year olds. Love it!

8. At one point during the course of putting my kids to bed and strapping myself into a rubber suit I glanced at the TV and noticed Jake was sending home some women and some other women were really upset and then a couple of them were drinking champagne and then one was crying. So I'm assuming last nights episode was not any different than any. other. Bachelor. episode. in. history.

9. Dear 2010, please put TiVo systems in hotel rooms. Sheesh. Do I have to think of everything?

10. I promise you, on the life of my mother and my mothers mother and my mothers mothers mother, that I will watch The Bachelor when I get home and I will post the skinny on it right here on this little blog. Unless, of course, I have to stay in Houston longer than expected. My husband deleted it to make room for another football game, Nascar race or Fringe episode. Or The AG runs off with my Granny. Then I can make no promises.

Later alligators!


Anonymous said...

I didn't get to watch it either and I am glad you didn't spoil it for me. You know I had to look up your blog first thing this morning after getting to work and sitting down with my first cup of coffee. I just love reading your blog. I have even passed it around to other baseball moms and they follow you too. :)

Deb said...

I like hearing about your family better than the Bachelor....nice husband you have taking Granny out...I bet she was smiling from ear to ear....

Tiffany Crawford said...

praying for your family---and all those lost people on the bachelor.... however u can find u a laptop and hook it up at hulu.com :)

Lynda said...

Okay...you missed a good one... can't wait till you post your recap :) Glad your uncle is in one of the best hospitals on earth. I am a bit biased being a Houstonian and all, but it's true.

Kristen said...

I have laid here in bed and tried and tried to figure out why you would be strapping yourself into a rubber suit...I just don't get it. Is something going on with you I'm not aware of? Is it some kind of figure of speech I'm not familiar with? Why a rubber suit? And why does it have straps? What does it mean?

Melissa Lee said...


Shut up.

Sissy said...

I didn't get to watch either, cause I was sick, but yesterday I watched the second part of the episode online. Wow. Those girls really hate Vienna and I might too if I was there. Jake did send home more girls than he had to, and it was surprising.