Dec 9, 2009

Top Ten.

So I've read on different blogs where the writer says they are "blogging live." I don't get what that means. Because when you post it then it isn't actually "live" anymore, right? So I am assuming they mean they are typing live? Well, isn't that the only way to type?

No matter. I am still using the phrase for myself tonight, even though I haven't a clue as to what it means. I am blogging "live" - that's right folks, I am going to type this post while watching the Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 and I am going to give my commentary right along with it. Because if there are two things I like they are:
1. Giving my opinion on whether or not someone is fascinating.
2. Disagreeing with Barbara Walters.

So here we go...

10. Lady GaGa

Huh? What? Am I 108? Seriously, did something happen last night and I went to bed in my mid 30's and woke up 100 years later? What happened to Natalie Cole? For the love, can I get some Christopher Cross up in here? (Shout out, Tiffany!!)

I know - I'm old. I don't understand the fascination with Twitter and skinny jeans. And yes, I referred to Justin Bieber as Justin Beaver and my little sister laughed for 30 whole minutes, but am I missing something? Help me out here sisters of the 80's...didn't we have someone who came out all outrageous and flashy and didn't they fizzle out just as quickly as they floated in? Can you think of anyone? (Keep in mind Barbara also found Courtney Love fascinating in 1993. Hmmm...)

Maybe not. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she'll be around until the end of time and if so, I promise to write a blog post admitting my mistake. Stay tuned for that, it will be fascinating.

9. Jenny Sanford

South Caroline Governor, Mark Sanford had an affair. His mistress lives in Argentina. She is his sssooouuullll mate. Ahhh. Isn't that sweet?

Thank God, it wasn't HIM Barbara found fascinating. I don't find him fascinating at all. In fact, I find him typical, nowadays. (Shout out, Tiger!)

I find her fascinating. "Certainly, his actions hurt me and they caused consequences for me. But they don't in any way take away my own self esteem; they reflect poorly on him." Well said, Jenny. Now take a golf club and smash out every window on that man's Escalade. You have our permission.

8. Tyler Perry

I do find him fascinating. Coming from nothing to having everything. It's a pulling yourself up from your bootstraps story for our generation, and I find that a tad bit interesting, I must say. I know everyone has a varied opinion about him, and certainly about his movies. But I find them funny. I also find them horrifically melodramatic and cheezy at times, but I say it's worth every penny if you get a chance to laugh.

I find him smart and sincere. And when referred to being raised by all women by saying, "If I had to make one more trip to Lane Bryant I would have just died," I couldn't help but laugh out loud. (Shout out, every woman in my family!!)

What are your thoughts on him?

7. Kate Gosselin

Was there really anything about Kate that, at this point, we didn't know? No, there isn't. And believe me when I say Barbara didn't bring anything else out. I will not disagree that the woman has had a fascinating year. She has been on the cover of more magazines than Brangelina, so that's sayin' something. But would I call her fascinating? Hmmm...I don't know, in all honesty.

Today I stood in my kitchen and looked at two kids rolling on the floor directly under my feet, fighting. I wanted to throw my hands up and scream. But 2 + 6 more????? And she's still standing? Maybe that's fascinating enough.

6. Glenn Beck

So I'm in a hotel room a few weeks ago and I'm flipping channels. I'm hoping to find a good Law and Order, of course, but instead I come across Fox News. I see this blond guy sitting behind a desk talking. I've never laid eyes on him in my life. I have no clue who he is. And still, I sat and watched him for the next 45 minutes. He did nothing, really. He didn't use any props. He had on no special guests. And I didn't even agree with absolutely everything he was saying. And yet, I was drawn in. I found him, kind of, I don't know...fascinating?

And then something happened in his interview with Barbara..........I liked him even more.

5. Adam Lambert

Dear Adam, if you are going to wear make-up, wear lipstick as well. It's killing me. Maybe its the Southern influence in me, but I don't believe you to be totally "made-up" until you've got on some gloss. Love, Melissa

"But it was his ambiguous sexuality that had people talking in the months leading up to the final vote." Really? Was his sexuality ambiguous? I never found it to be. Did you?

I also don't know that I find Adam to be fascinating. I find him to be talented. I even find him to be kind. But what I wonder is whether or not it is Adam that is fascinating or is it our society that is fascinated by someone like Adam? Thoughts?

4. Brett Favre

Brett Favre couldn't make it tonight as he was - even at the prehistoric age of 40 - putting the whoop on somebody, so he was shown in highlight clips and old pictures. Doesn't matter. We know Brett. And Brett? You are adorable.

3. Sarah Palin

If you didn't think Sarah Palin was going to be on this list then you have obviously never seen this Barbara Walters season special before. She has had an interesting year (or two) and we haven't seen the last of her I can almost "betcha." I suppose there weren't any questions Barbara could ask her that we haven't already heard her answer and if she says "running for President isn't on my radar screen" one more time I'm going to start thinking it might be rehearsed. Nonetheless, due to her book and her popularity I suppose she deserves a spot on the list. But I suppose the number 3 spot or the number 9 spot depends, well, on how you vote.

2. The Jackson Children

So Barbara says that on her show "we honor only the living." Dang! That means that I lose my bet that Micheal Jackson would be number 1 but the Attorney General has a chance that Vince Young may, indeed, be the most fascinating person of the year. (Though I wouldn't hold my breath, dear.)

What will be fascinating is if these children turn out to be normal, bless their hearts. Have you ever seen anything so odd? The masks, the veils? The monkeys? And the biological mysteries that surround them? Geez Louise. But they are good lookin' kids and I hope that they find more stability in their lives than they've ever known. What would be fascinating to me is a follow-up show in about 15 years. I hope it's wonderful, but like the AG, I don't know that I should hold my breath.

1. Michelle Obama

Are you freakin' kidding me? I don't mean to be disrespectful in any way, but Barbara, did you not know New Moon just came out? Helloooo??? Taylor Lautner? Rob Pattinson? Anyone? Anyone?

Just kidding.

Michelle Obama is the First Lady, granted. But I feel like maybe I should now be doing some heavy Google research to see if Laura Bush was ever named the most fascinating person of the year. Though I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, nope. And although I think she is classy and dignified, I am still unsure as to why she is the number one pick. Did she do something I am unaware of? Or has she just been fulfilling her duties as our First Lady? For pete's sake, her husband is the President! Why didn't he make the number one spot? Why her?

This is not a do you / don't you for the Obama's. This is just the cold harsh reality: When a show like "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" premieres this year and Lou Diamond Phillips wins it and he isn't number one - then where, I ask you, is the fairness?

And the comment section is!


This Little Hen said...

I Love that you were blogging "live"! I think that some of the choices were questionable at best, but I don't expect much from Barbara Walters.But I agree on the Michelle Obama.. number 1 really? She gardened on the front lawn, she wore shorts and picked the kids up from school. Sounds a lot like my life and I didnt make the list!

Vickie said...

I watched most of it, too...

Sorry Michelle O.- Don't know how she made #1. She hasn't impressed me yet at all. It's just because she's the First Lady and she's the first black woman in the White House, IMHO. Glen Beck is interesting and clever and intuitive, yes. Adam Lambert is interesting-looking and a talented sideshow but what is he teaching our young people? I like Sarah but I agree, she needs some new writers. I'm sick of hearing about Michael Jackson. I feel sorry for his kids and I, too, hope they can grow up to be normal adults. They sure haven't had a normal childhood. Neither have the Gosslin kids. Jon & Kate screwed up their cute little family by being on TV, but maybe they needed the $$$ too badly. I totally agree with you on Tyler Perry. Seems like a really neat guy - specially cuz he takes care of his mama. Lady GaGa just leaves me with my mouth hanging open and spit sliding out the side of my mouth saying, " ga ga ga ga ..." and pore ole Jenny Sanford just got left in the wake. Bret Favre can play football but he's had a hard time making up his mind what he wants to do. But GOOD for the Jets right now. Ok that's all I have to say. For whatever it's worth. (not much I'm told) sorry this is so bloomin' long.

Sissy said...

The only thing that annoys me about Tyler Perry is how his name is at the beginning of everything he does...Tyler Perry's House of Pain, Tyler Perry's This and That. Come on...let it go.

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Loved your "live" blog post. I did not watch the BW special. I would have, but hubby was home and would have divorced me. Okay, who wouldn't do that, but he would call me crazy. So, we watched Mythbusters. Iam SUCH a GOOD WIFE!!
Anyway, I am so glad you highlighted the event for me.
So, about Lady Gaga - I am feeling old too! First of all, I didn't even know she existed two months ago. Oh, I feel old. Then a friend who has a teen ager informed me. Humm.... bizzarre. I thought about our 80's days. Did we have someone like her??? I guess Cindy Lauper seemed a little bizarre to our parent and Madonna singing about, well, all that she sang about- but I don't know- she really is just strange....

Glen Beck - I LOVE HIM!! I have been listening to him, for a while on talk radio. (Yep, I guess I am old. I listen to talk radio, sometimes. I will tune in to his show on Fox, as well. He's a family man, loves hims country, and says it like it is. Glad, and surprised, he was on the list.

Adam- LOL about the lipstick comment. I don't know how many times my momma has told me to slap some lipstick on! :-)

Thanks for the overview and color commentary! Loved it!

Mandy said...

I totally forgot that was on last night!! Thanks so much for the play-by-play...I feel lilke I saw it now! Yeah I can't believe Michelle Obama was #1. Sure she's had a busy year, but I wouldn't really call it fascinating...just typical first lady stuff. She should have come up with someone better!

Anonymous said...

Of course Michelle was #1 on Barb's list....because the president is off accepting his Nobel Peace Prize.

Tina said...

OMG.. Michelle Obama was #1... I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit!
Thank you for writing what I'm thinking! :)

Karen Carter said...

You need to pop over to my blog again!! Game on sista... : )

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

Barbara is so wrong. Melissa should be #1.

And the 80's? I was there. So was my hair. Madonna.

Never really "got" her.