Dec 28, 2009

Santa's Throwing Me Some Mixed Messages.

Oh, is this the blog post where we put up pictures of our kids and our dogs and our family eating pecan pie?

Yeah, I'll get back with you on that.

Just as soon as I find my camera. I think it's somewhere under the wrapping paper, the boxes or the pecan pie.

I really will post pictures this week because, let's be honest, your Christmas isn't complete without seeing pictures of my kids. Is it? It's okay to admit it. It isn't. I get that. That's sweet.

In the mean time I will confess to you that Santa blew in like the raging lunatic that he is and left far too much under our tree. He left games that he forgot to buy batteries for. He left puzzles that he apparently purchased at Big Lots because the pieces were warped and Remi finally said, "What happened to this puzzle?" Before tossing it in the trash. And he left a desk in 48,000 pieces for me and the AG to put together the night before.

Can you believe that?

What happened to the good ol' days, when I was 7,8,9 and Santa came in and did all the work himself? I mean, honestly, how did my Barbie Doll Dreamhouse get put together? SANTA, that's who. But now, the man leaves crap for me to do. What'supwiththat?

And here is the part where I say what every single mother on the face of the planet was saying on Christmas morning:

Why did we spend $400,000 on toys and their favorite thing is the 99 cent foam swords that were a last minute thought at the check-out line at Hobby Lobby? Seriously?

And all God's mama's said, "whoop-whoop!"

I even got fixed up this year - you can see what all Santa brought me over at the side on my little Amazon Ferris wheel. (I worked on that thing for like 45 minutes so would you please just look at it? As you can tell by that sentence I am still kind of peeved about the 1,000 piece desk vs. foam sword debacle of 2009. But I digress...)

My favorite gift was my new Kindle. I have been asking for one for one for two years now and I love it! Because let me tell you, there is nothing more nauseating than having to hold a big, heavy book in my hand while I read. Horrors! Next year I am asking for one of those hospital beds that lift your back up or your legs. And the year after that? A little Rascal. And I can them look forward to my 15 minutes of fame by appearing on a show about "Women Who Don't Move" - its likely to be on Discovery Health.

So I got my Kindle, but I also got a Wii Fit. Is Santa trying to throw me a big hint? Because if he is he shouldn't have filled my stocking with Reese's. I can't decide what to do - eat the Reese's? Plug in the Wii Fit? I'm in a quandary, I'm not gonna lie.

All in all it was a blessed Christmas and I hope yours was as well. Please tell me what Santa left you and if he threw in some mixed messages on you as well. My girlfriend told me she got a Karaoke machine for Christmas, which was odd since her husband bought himself some headphones. Now that, my lovelies, is mixed signals.


Miss Jenn said...

ahh...Santa left me a big 'ole mess! we decided to ask Santa for a renovation for our upstairs since we are adding to our brood again and are growing out of our *humble* home...but alas, the room isn't done yet and Christmas Eve found my 1 year old sleeping in a pack-n-play shoved in by the Christmas tree, and found me sleeping in a room full of power tools...'tis the season!!

The mixed signal here would be: my now 1 year old was sleeping in her pack-n-play in our room (even though she had a nice room downstairs, but daddy (okay, mommy!) didn't like her downstairs while we were upstairs) and my husband decided we needed separate bedrooms b/c it's not appropriate for wee ones to sleep in the same room as their parents...but somehow, I still ended up pregnant and will have my next around July 4...making my babes 18 mo apart. Go figure! Sounds like we need a security guard, not a toddler, sleeping in our room!!

katy said...

ok, I checked out your widget on the beans...that really is neat! I'm jealous about the Seinfeld series...and the Kindle, but you made me feel better talking about how heavy and uncomfortable it is to, I'm going to ask for a hospital bed BEFORE I request my Kindle, thankyaverymuch :-)

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Well, I will have to get a Kindle now!! You sister got one too. Now I have to have one!!

My hubby gave me a sterling silver necklace with a snowflake pendant. Since he just moved us from snow-less East Texas to this winter craziness in Chicagoland. I am still in awe of the 12 inches of snow that dropped from the sky on Saturday. Anyway, he wanted to give me something to always remind me of this white Christmas. His gift was sweet and thoughtful. I loved it! He also gave me warm house shoes to keep my toes warm- it's freakin' cold up here!

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

I got a stocking full of chocolate, a Wii Fit, and an ironing board!! HAHAHA I win. said...

I got a gift certificate from a tattoo parlor and knitting loom from my husband. The knitting loom is to provide me with quiet time & studies have shown that it lowers your BP and slows your heart rate. Story behind the gift certificate is simple. I had one of my piercings in my ear grew shut in the back. There was so much scar tissue that everywhere I went said they couldn't do it without ripping or blowing a hole in my earlobe with a piercing gun. I just didn't think that was a real good option. He also had bought me diamond earrings knowing I was going to get that hole opened back up. Then when I couldn't he freaked. Using male logic, if you can't get it done by someone in the mall, go to the experts....someone who does body piercing. So he got the certificate, made the appointment & took me up on Christmas Eve. They had to re-pierce the ear with a body piercing needle. Did you know those are hallow & take out tissue when it's shoved through? It's not a pleasant sensation. So I was given a body piercing for my vanity and a loom for my blood pressure.

Melissa said...

A Kindle???? I'm so jealous. I still love you, but I might just like you a little less because you got one before me......:)

Angela Larson said...

So since we're in France, and I only had about 20 euros (which amount to about 12 dollars), for Christmas I got Austin, DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN.... two chocolate Santa Clauses!!! Funds were short this year... And now all that's left of his present are two of Santa's stubby little chocolate legs. Merry Christmas from France!