Sep 8, 2009

Swine -1-1 !!

Look at you all coming out of the woodwork to leave me a post about your care packages. Way to go, my lovelies, let's hope we don't all get sick at the same time or there will be a world embargo put on all cocoa beans and People magazine. Talk about a national crisis!

Makes me feel good to know that I am not the only woman in the world who likes her People and US, thankyouverymuch. Just this past week The AG tried desperately to put the kabash on my spending habits on these two items, but thankfully a girl at his office reminded him how terribly unfair it was making me choose, "Don't make her choose, it's like choosing the Old Testament or the New Testament."

And all God's children said...


You know how when you turn on the news and they report that someone in Odessa has the Swine flu and how there is an outbreak at the local schools you think to yourself, "Sure glad I don't live in Odessa but even more glad I don't have the Swine flu."

Well guess which one of those things can no longer be said about us?

I'll give you a hint: We don't live in Odessa.

Mallory, my 12 year old sister, gets in the car at 3PM on Friday with what could only be confused with some kind of 1922 whooping cough and a fever. She sounded horrible. And had sounded fine only hours before. "Bring her in. Now!" They told us and mom flew her to the Pediatrician's office where he informed her that she was in the beginning stages of the H1N1 and "oh's going around your school" and "please make your daughter and her two babies leave your house at once...little ones can't be around it you know."

And as bad as I felt for Mallory - and don't misunderstand me, I did feel bad for her - I still told my dad I felt it was only right that he make Mallory leave since she was the sick one and besides "there are some really nice hotels in this town and she loves Pay-Per-View" and then he explained that she was, indeed, 12. And sick. And then I told him he needed to choose which daughter he loved more. And then he chose her.

So, with the exception of those long sticks that you hang your clothes off of, The AG and I and our two rugrats packed up and took over Melba, Donald, Meridith and Bubba's house for the weekend. Which was great! We got the master bedroom! Oh yeah, I worked that like a fine wine; Meridith tried to put me in Bubba's room but I'm no fool...I complained about my poor babies who had been shut out by their Poppie and how I feared that all of us crammed into that room might make us resent him all the more.

Needless to say my dramatics worked and within minutes everyone was re-arranging their lives so we could have the big bed.

It was actually a great weekend. Their was chili cheese dogs and Blue Bell, tons of Bananagrams (love, love, love it) and Dark Blue (sweet mama, this show is awesome.) And at night all I had to do was stretch out with The AG in the big bed while Remi slept on the floor...Rocco slept in a closet...two grown adults crammed into their sons small bed...and Mallory sat writing her last will and testament due to the H1N1. Well, it was a great weekend for me anyway.

How was yours?


Janis said...

I used to joke about the swine flu too. But now it scares me a bit. I think we will actually get the shots but I may be overreacting. I also heard my five year old start to cough at night and immediately began the mental exercise of what it would be like to sit by her hospital bed covering her in prayer and hoping this darn swine flu would leave. But then she stopped coughing. So, I tend to overreact. I hope your sister is better!

Lynda said...

You are so smoooooooooooooth!

Anna See said...

totally going around our town.. big-time.

i love bananagams, too!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

You crack me up.
Here's something funny.... I have it!! Yes, I was diagnosed, yesterday, with SWINE FLU!! YUCK!!!! Now, my 2 yr old has started running a high fever today. The doctor has called in some Tamilflu for her, I started my Tamiflu yesterday. Now, we are waiting for the hubby to start Oink, Oinking, too!! I blame Walmart. (I had now doubt I got it there.)

Reduce Stretch Marks said...

It's kind of crazy that like 50,000 people have it now. (I think) Now, I dont remember if that is in the US or other places, but it certainly has become more than "cute" over the last 6 months. I remember when people were still joking about it...

Crazy Sister said...

That's a little bit scary. Poor Mallory! I hope she bounces back soon, and that your kids escape it.

Rhonda said...

Poor Mallory ..... yada yada yada

Yahoo!! You worked the big bed! yay! yada yada yada

No I'm not the total bag I sound like, I'm just seriously stuck on the fact that you have a 12 year old sister.


A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

Why do you make me laugh so hard? Swine flu is serious stuff.

I should know. A couple of people in my family survived it.