Aug 27, 2009

"You're A Jerk."

I was sitting in the Southwestern Assemblies of God Library on what I can only imagine to be a night when pigs were filling the sky and it was cold outside due to hell being frozen over and all (I wasn't exactly a Rhodes scholar even back in those days) when who should wander in?

Enter: The Attorney General.

Unyet known as The Attorney General, of course, and more appropriately known as "doofus guy who needed to hello! cut his bangs and quit mack-daddying on every brunette on campus." Or at least that's what my friends and I called him.

Due to the fact that we were in a singing group together (we were cheezetastic!) and traveled with 10 other kids on the weekends all over the state, he and I knew each other relatively well. For instance...he knew me as the girl who sat behind him on the bus and constantly stuck my stinky feet in between the seats and I knew him as the baritone with the heavy bangs and cheap taste in women.


So it was on this particular night, at said library, when he wanders in, seemingly scans the room for brunettes, and considering all the brunettes had dates and the chubby blond in the corner didn't - he made his way over to me.

The yellow sticky note he dropped on my book said, "What are YOU doing here? You actually study?"

My reply was, "You're a jerk."

And I meant every word of it.

His next sticky note said, "Wanna get out of here?"

My reply? "Desperately. But not with you."

Did I mean it? No.
Did he persist? Yep.
Am I glad he did? Ohhh yeah.

Fifteen years later I am thrilled he did.

Happy Anniversary mack-daddy. I love you.


Bree Shaw said...

love it! it made me laugh:) thanks for the laugh and happy anniversary!

Unknown said...

what a cute story!!!

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

That was sweet....happy Anniversary!

T said...

Happy Anniversary!! I just realized that you went to school in my hometown!! Whoot!

Christi said...

Happy Anniversary!

Melissa said...

Funny, that is similar to what I said to my hubby all those years ago, "You are a great guy and will make someone very happy BUT NOT ME!!!"

Yeah, 17+ years and 3 adorable girls, 2 states and 3 houses later, he has made me quite happy.

The Other Melissa

Sissy said...

I tried to fix my husband up with a friend of mine before he and I started dating, but this story is waaaaay better. It sounds like you, and I don't even know you, really.

Happy Anniversary.

Rhonda said...

Oh, I love it!!!

Finding Joy in the Journey said...

you always make me grin!

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Love it!

Happy Anniversary :)

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary. You got a coupla years on me and my man-
studly. We're in the ambiguous 11th year of matrimony. He asked me what my GPA was. Oh girl, yes he did. I don't even remember what I said, but he's lucky he got a second date after that pick up line. Actually, I was totally digging him from the first word....:)

Have a great day after, since I didn't get to you this morning.

missy said...

so cute! much better than "the bachelorette". happy anniversary!

Janis said...

A big Congrats! I am always so uplifted when I hear about happy and long lasting marriages. Thanks for making my morning!