Apr 7, 2009

Harold, Kumar and Cutner

See that title? Means nothing.


You know there are really very few joys in life anymore.

I hate to be one of those senior ladies (I am not talking to you, Granny. Everyone knows you are not a senior) who stands up in church and says, "I'd just like to thank Jesus for another day, because every time I turn on the news it's another sad story and I just think this world is coming to an end," and then everyone in the pews beside me and in front of me all shake their heads in both agreement and disgust at the news media and give me a clap as a vivid reminder that they are altogether joined with me in mutual understanding.

But y'all, I would really would like to thank Jesus for another day because seriously, every time I turn on the news it's another sad story and I just think this world is coming to an end.

Oops. I have become the very thing I despise.

The next thing you know my stockings will fall down just below my knees and I'll be in line for the KFC buffet every evening at 4:45PM.

I am creature of habit. And every morning at 7:20, once a bottle is in a mouth and sippy cup of chocolate milk is in two little hands I turn on the TODAY show. I do not watch FOX, I will not change to GOOD MORNING AMERICA and don't even get me started on CBS. I watch Matt and Meridith, I do not agree with half of what they say but they are family now - and just like family I roll my eyes at their musings but am intrigued by their stories.

But every day the stories get worse. First it was the gas prices, then Wall Street, then that paparazzi guy pushed Bernie Madoff and I wasn't sure who I wanted to go up in flames more, then there was that lady and the chimp and the chimps owner who gave it a Vicadin for the love of pete, then another kidnapping, another earthquake, and etc. and etc. and etc.

It's enough to make you enjoy the really really simple things, isn't it?

Take tonight for instance. We were having dinner out when Remi decided she would like some birthday cake. And a birthday song. And a gift or two would be nice.
"But, Remi, it's not your birthday."
"Yes, momma and I need birthday cake."
"Remi, your birthday isn't for a month. We'll eat cake then."

"Momma, just get me cake now. For my birthday. And a song."
"But Remi..."
Insert prince on white horse.
"Excuse me miss, could we have four desserts for the table. It's my little girls birthday."
"Oh, yes sir. I'll be right back."

And just like that the AG orders 4 slices of cake for he and I, Remi and Meridith; and just like that we place her cake in front of her and sing "Happy Birthday" unabashed and unashamed in the middle of a restaurant, to a little girl who still has six weeks to go.

Becuase sometimes a girl just needs a little cake.

And sometimes a song does a world of good.

Today as we were driving home we were bumper to bumper in traffic. It was pouring down rain and we were crawling along. Suddenly we noticed that directly to our left was the littlest black hatchback we'd ever seen, carrying what might have been the biggest driver we'd ever seen. His shoulders must have stretched from one window to the other. But that wasn't what caught our eye. It was the fact that every time traffic stalled he picked up a blue recorder and began to play. My eyes had to be deceiving me - surely he was smoking with some kind of fancy paraphernalia. But nope. He was playing a recorder. (The same kind my best friend Nicole used to play "It's Beginning to Rain" in Sunday night church when we were in 6th grade.)
A blue recorder.
And he played it with pride.
Even as the two imbeciles next to him (that would be us) laughed so hard tears rolled down our cheeks.
Still he played.

He didn't see us laughing. Though I doubt he would have cared. He found joy. Even in the oddest of places. Interstate 65, 5 o'clock traffic and a blue recorder.

See? Little joys.

Sometimes it's cake, sometimes it's a song sung to you by those you love the most, sometimes it's a blue recorder, and sometimes it's just the simple reminder that joy can be found to your left, your right, or right in front of your eyes.

Seen any lately?


Melissa said...

This actually happened a few years ago but I will never forget it. I was sick as a dog at the time with nasty stuff coming out both ends and feeling like dirt. I had changed my nightgown into a new one that was quite colorful, but I still felt disgusting. I opened my bedroom door just to make sure no one was killing themselves or destroying the house and my sweet Katie, who was probably 3 at the time, said, "Mommy, you look so beautiful!" If only we could all look at life like them!

The other Melissa

Sissy said...

Did you know we have been chosen by a birthmother and are awaiting the birth of a baby girl in May? Gimme some of that cake, I can't stop smiling. Prayers for us please, that everything will go ok.

Faith(ful) Reader said...

And today's joy for me is reading your post! Don't need a song, don't need a slice of cake, don't need a blue recorder...got what I need already. And for that, I thank you, dear Mel:)

Janis said...

One night my 8 year old had a friend spend the night. I was doing my nightly "beauty" routine which requires me to pull my hair back into a hair bob and wear a headband at the same time so no hair gets on my face. Anyway, my daughter's friend saw me without any makeup and hair pulled back funny and said, "You look like a teenager!" It's funny how that made me feel so good!

Ashley said...

Mexican food does a lot to lift my spirits. Hehe!

F.Y.I. Dr. Cutner died on House last night. His character is played by the guy from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle (I think that is the name of the movie).

Carrie said...

Oh, my goodness -that part about the recorder is HILARIOUS. My one-year-old loves to toodle around the house with his recorder - it's hilarious. :) Anyway... :)

Theda said...

good times.. good times.

Jennifer Henry said...

Hello there... great post today. I really enjoyed the image in my head... I think I exaggerated things a bit and made him REALLY enjoying playing his recorder. Just wanted to let you know I read "From Foxholes to Faith" for the first time today... I loved it. Thank you for sharing your emotions with all of us. I asked my Doctor to "check again please" as well (last November)... even though I knew there would be no heart beat. It's something you just have to ask, I guess. I will post a link on my page to encourage others to read your encouraging story. Thanks again!


Melissa Lee said...


Melissa - I can't believe you told us it was "coming out both ends." Niiicceeee. ;-)

Sissy - Are you flippin' kidding me????? I am sooooo coming to visit your blog. Get ready to give me all the 411.

Faith(ful) - Thank you for such sweet words. I needed that.

Janis - A "teenager" huh? That's reason enough right there to become a cougar!

Ashley - I did figure out the whole Cutner thing. Thanks. And as far as mexican food being one of lifes little pleasures? You and I just might be soul mates.

Carrie - If only I had taken a picture. Dang it.

Theda - Thanks, girl!

Jennifer Henry - Oh I'm so glad you enjoed it. Thanks for the kind words. Me and you are of the same heart, girl....because yes, you have to check again. Love to you.


katy said...

First...KFC has a buffet?
Second...thanks for the smile...how sweet about Remi's "early" birthday! Reminds me to loosen up and enjoy life a little more!

Tina said...

Jennifer Henry suggested "From Foxholes to Faith", and I just finished reading it. I was glued to it and read it in one sitting. Your story is so honest and inspirational. My husband and I have experienced 4 miscarriages. 3 were no heartbeat, and 1 was Turner's syndrome. I asked for a second and third ultrasound for all of them. Our final loss came a year after I gave birth to our daughter, our miracle, Rebecca. I was right where you were... "are you kidding me?!" I thought all that pain was behind me. I thought, "We have been blessed with a healthy baby girl, and now this? Again?" While I am thankful to God for (our now 2-year-old) Rebecca Faith, I'm still struggling with all of our losses. Your book shows me that I am not alone. I was never alone, though it felt like it. Thank you for your honesty...thank you for blogging...and thank you for being a portrait of Faith.

Anonymous said...

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