Jan 12, 2009

Weekend Recap: Did You People Even Utter A Prayer On Our Behalf?

It has been tense around here. I'm not gonna lie.

Saturday, on the way to the game we laughed and talked. We honked at other Titan fans we saw on the road and we even sang along to a Fleetwood Mac song! Fleetwood Mac!! It was glorious.

See? Happy, happy, joy, joy.

And now? Total disgust. 18 below zero disgust.

On the way home I think we uttered two words.



Needless to say, our boys lost. And, well, let's just say, the Attorney General did not take it well. I didn't either, but I have learned over the years that there is no pain that some hot peanuts and a 96 oz. soda cannot cure. And once again - I was right!

Besides, I think Garth Brooks wrote a song about unanswered prayers, didn't he? So maybe it was for the best. Because believe you me, I was praying. Oh yes, I was. In a crowd of some 60,000 people I was probably the only person uttering a real, true prayer, but nonetheless - I was. Sure, laugh. But my husband has had a difficult few months and the man needed a break. He needed his football fantasy to last just a little bit longer and so yeah, I prayed for them. It might not have been the most beautiful prayer you've ever heard, it went like this...

Dear Lord,

I realize that I am probably the only idiot in the world praying for a football game right now. And I know that you have big things like Darfur to deal with, not to mention the fact that there's a pretty good chance Jen and Angelina will run into each other tomorrow night at the Golden Globes. And believe me, I know what I'm asking - I know that a good percentage of the men on this team probably do drugs. And have even been known to stab someone on occasion. But that doesn't change the fact that right now, I need you to work a miracle.

Then I got distracted when the man behind me began yelling, "THE RAVENS ARE MURDERERS AND ANYONE WHO LIKES THE RAVENS ARE PROBABLY MURDERERS, TOO!" That can squelch an anointed prayer pretty quickly.

But I ended it with a hearty, "Amen. And I'll see you in the morning at church if you'll make the temperature go up another 20 degrees. Amen for real this time."

But we still lost. Which must mean God has a plan. A really mean, awful, NFL-hating, plan, but a plan nonetheless.

And so that was pretty much our weekend re-cap. There was other stuff too, we went to Target, we watched a movie, I got Meridith addicted to LOST and she spent 49 hours watching past episodes on my computer and Remi got an alarm clock for her room so that she will quit getting up before the rooster crows and actually wait until the alarm goes off.

$23 and one alarm clock later, Remi has decided that "sleeping in" really isn't that difficult. So we've had to sneak into her room the last three mornings and cut her alarm off so that it wouldn't wake her up.

Oh yeah, and we got a pizza.


Pat McGroin said...

I watched the game and doing so make me practically shiver...thought about you as the time dwindled down and the outcome became inevitable. Drat. I actually used other words, but they aren't suitable for your site. I had done the same the previous weekend for my Dolphins, not the shivering part, though. We don't do that down here. Wait 'til next year!

Melissa said...

I know there were alot of stinky Gator fans down here praying on Thursday. God answered those, but some people decided they would rather go see Tim Tebow tell everyone he is coming back for another year than be at church worshipping the God who helped them win. I'm not bitter. Just an extra special glimpse into the life of a pastor's wife....:)

I hope you got extra cheese on that pizza.

Sissy said...

Oh, I am glad that Remi is sleeping in!

And, I don't even remember seeing Jen at the Golden Globes. I remember seeing Brad and Angie and thinking that Brad now looks old and that Jen had him in his prime.

Lynda said...

Congratulations on the pizza! Besides the alarm clock, that sounds like the best deal of all :-)

Sarah D said...

I to have been known to pray for a football game. It's always been high school football though. I always assume God and I root for the same team.

I also have prayed for random celebs that I don't know. I take partial credit for Britney's comeback.

New to your blog, but after reading the first post, I will be back!

Glad to see you are a LOST fan. I just got hooked last year, and it is an addiction I can't kick (nor would I want to), can't wait for the new season to start!

Karen said...

Believe me, you have my sympathies. I felt the same way, last year, when the All Blacks crashed out of the World Rugby Cup.

I and a few of my compatriots and the Wolf Pack Rugby team, all sat their crying into our beers.

As we walked home, J kept patting my shoulder and telling me how sorry he was.

I thought bad things about the ref..

However, life did go on..

LOL re the alarm clock !! :-)

The Willmons said...

You forget that Jerry Jones and the Cowboys took all the felons off your hands!

Becky D said...

I did say a prayer as my hubby was flipping channels and paused on the game. I said Melissa's there, I bet she's freezing and he said and po'd if she's a Titans fan! You know, eventually you'll need that alarm clock again. Save it.

Ashley said...

I was thinking of you. What an awful game! I'm so sad. I'll tell you... I do think it is my fault though. The Titans and Colts are my favorite teams with the Chargers coming in a close third. I realize that isn't right since we're all in the AFC but whatever. I like who I like. Well, I picked my favorites for each playoff game and THEY ALL LOST! Including the Titans. This weekend was a sucky football weekend. I don't think I should cheer for teams anymore. It doesn't seem to help. Who goes 0 of 4? Me.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, I have been so crazy busy lately that I don't get to your blog every day. But I gotta tell you ... when I finally come up for air, and I click on this site ... well, it's just does a girl good to read this stuff. Thank you for being you. Thank you, God, for making her so dang funny!


Lacey said...

I love how alarm clocks magically making sleeping in easy. :D

LaDeana said...

Well for one whole week I was really truly a Titans fan. I was crushed when they lost. Why only one week? Why was I crushed? Because I was born and breed in Ohio and I bleed orange and brown (Cleveland). I really really really hate the Ravens. So even though I am a fair weather Titans fan (their coach is kind of hansome though..) I was crushed that they lost. If the Ravens go to the big game I will not watch it. Well maybe the commercials but that is it!

Midwest Mommy said...

Those pictures are great!

Angela said...

LOL I am so sorry they lost, but I have been known to pray similar prayers for my beloved Dawgs. Our coach, Mark Richt, is a Christian so I figure he is praying too! :-)

Speaking of, remember waaaaay back like a zillion years ago, I asked if you would keep us in your prayers when we start trying for kids? That game is now afoot so any prayers (especially for sickness-free-ness) would be much appreciated!

Love to you and your kiddos!