Nov 17, 2008

If At First You Don't Succeed, Fry, Fry Again.

What can I say to all of you? How do I say thanks? All I can say is you all are fried and true friends, that's for sure.

When it comes to recipes thank you all so much for your frydance. I mean, guidance.

By the way, I have a million more of those if y'all are interested. Just email me.

Let's see, so far I have...

Baked Red Potato Casserole
Cheater S'mores
Warm Nutty Caramel Brownies
Jalapeno Cream Cheese Corn
White Castlerole
Apple Pie with Crumb Topping
Mashed Taters
Macaroni and Cheese
Thanksgiving Cheesy Potatoes
Paula Deen's Gooey Pumpkin Cake
Fried Okra Salad
Sweet Potato Casserole
Corn Casserole

So needless to say, our table will be laced with some kind of corn and some kind of potato. I think that's a given.

So Meridith and I will be looking these beauties over and deciding on what we'll be serving for our Country Fried Thanksgiving, and as soon as we decide we will serve it to our families, render a verdict and send you a prize.

Yeah, that's right, I said a "prize." Which is what we say to Remi when we don't have the money for a "toy," she hasn't been a good enough for a "gift" and we are walking out of the Mexican restaurant and she wants to play that little game with the mechanical claw; that, my friends, is a "prize."

What I'm saying is, don't expect much.

We'll be broke after buying that 43 lb. bottle of vegetable oil.

But it's not too late to get in on that mechanical claw prize action!! So please, send on. Don't be diswayed (is that a word?) by all of the recipes we've received so far. Trust me, we got so excited just looking at all of them. We can't wait to decide which one or two or eight to get busy and send us your faves.

By the way, just for the record, I would like some feedback on Meridith and I's latest squabble.

She says that Macaroni and Cheese would be kicked up a notch if we were to sprinkle those little fried crunchies from Long John Silver's / Captain D's all over the top.

I say that sounds mooey disgusto.

Whereas she says my addiction with trying to add Dr. Pepper to every thing - and I do mean everything, i.e. boxed caked mixes, chili, roast - is annoying and terrifying all at once.

Who's right?

On another note, tonight is Bunco - and that makes me happy. Mainly because I finally found a group of women who play for the real thing. Money. Which makes me feel very dangerous. Because nothing says danger like rolling dice, while eating Chex Mix and listening to Air Supply.

Let's all say this together, shall we?

Melissa, Get. A. Life.

And stay tuned tomorrow when I tell you the story of seeing my mom in Houston. Her and my dad decided to stay an extra night in the hotel after the AG and I flew home, and as they were driving the AG and I back to the airport she said the first thing her and dad were gonna do was "go back to that hotel room and get in bed."

I kid you not.

I don't think she meant it like it sounded, but no one can be sure.

And if I end up with a little brother or sister at this stage in the game, I am gonna be sooooo mad!


Katherine Page said...

haha. And HOUSTON...just where I am at. How did you like the cold breeze? Never know what the weather will be like here. Yes putting the crunchys from Long John silvers sounds disgusting! Have a great day.

Shelley said...

YUM!!! Crunchies from Long John Silvers. Well, they are good with fries. Maybe not so much on mac and cheese, but wait, mac and cheese goes with fish too. Um...what a dilemma. I'm thinking I'd try it, cause mac and cheese is great with Ritz crackers mashed up and sprinkled on top of it. Maybe try it and see. As for Dr. Pepper all over everything, that doesn't sound too bad either. Especially if you tried it on a baked ham.........more and more possibilities out there girls. Oh, try a cherry dr pepper on a ham. That would be even better. Now, I've got to go find something to eat this early. I'm starving.

Petts Allowed said...

Hi Melissa- I was glad to see you back safe and sound in church yesterday. Congrats!
My first thought of your country fried Thanksgiving come the first thing on the list is BAKED?!!!Maybe the person who wins should be invited for Thanksgiving dinner! Now THAT would be a "prize"!!
as for the thingys on mac and cheese not quite sure about that...
As for Dr Pepper on everything..not quite sure about that either!! Sounds like Remi will get a taste bud for many different things!
Well-gotta go teach the little cuties, see ya tomorrow. Kathi

Kori said...

Melissa I so want that recipe for the jalepeno cream cheese corn. It just sounds yummy.

The Willmons said...

I'm the only one who would ever care...but I believe the word is "dissuaded."

Bring on the crunchies from LJS! I would just like an order of those. No fish, no fries, just crunchies! Oh yeah, and hushpuppies...

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I've never had those crunchy-thingy's but they might work....?

I'm more of a bread crumb girl when it comes to mac and cheese (the homemade kind).

And Dr Pepper = delicious! I haven't tried cooking with any of it, but hey - it tastes good enough in the bottle, why not?

Lastly - and Most Importantly - How did everything go in Texas?? Is it official?? :)

Amy said...

Ok, I vote for the Dr. Pepper thing. I went on a Dr. Pepper diet once. . .I gained 12lbs. Actually I have not pressed my prescious lips to a Dr. Pepper since April 1st 2008 - The day I started the new lifestyle that rewarded me with a 57lb weight loss. There are pics on my blog if you want to see before / after photos. Anyway, Dr. Pepper is God's gift to soda pop. I would bathe in it if I could! Ever tried?


Anonymous said...

If you were from MN, of Scandinavian descent and Lutheran – you would top that mac & cheese with crushed potato chips, BUTTERED bread crumbs or French fried onion rings.
As for Dr Pepper – try it on your roast in the crock pot with an envelope of onion soup mix – Yum – I came up with that all by myself. Minnesotans use coke on their crock pot roast and round steak.
Your Thanksgiving will be a HOOT!
Karen from MN - Uff-da

Anonymous said...

When I read this:

And if I end up with a little brother or sister at this stage in the game, I am gonna be sooooo mad!

I laughed until I hurt. I have said the same thing sooooooo many times!

I swear, Melissa, if I didn't know better, I'd say we're related.

You're the best. Or at least the funniest. (wink)


Julie said...

That last bit - YIKES!
To quote Pheobe from Friends
"My EYES, My EYES" I guess though you would say "My EARS My EARS!"

Carrie said...

The nursing home I used to work at had the BEST homemade mac & cheese and it had some kind of crunchies on it...maybe more like cornflakes than Long John Silvers, I don't know.

Jenn said...

I made fried chicken and waffles last night. And I totally thought of you. :)

Merrie said...

Hey, don't look at me to knock bunco! I'm in a group that plays every month, and we play for money, too. It gets a little crazy up in there sometimes, but we love it!