Mar 27, 2008

You Gotta Love Not Hate - Cuz Kelli's Turnin' 38.

Before we go any further I need to set the record straight on something. The story in yesterday's post? True. Completely and utterly, true. Be'lee dat.

Now, on with the important stuff.

This is Kelli. No, it's not the best picture in the world - as she'll be the first to tell you. But it's how I know Kelli to be, always in the middle of a sentence. In other words, always talking. Today Kelli is turning a year older. I dare not say her age as that is inappropriate to do to any woman (though you can figure out what it is if you look closely in the title.) I wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday and was unsure how to do it. But considering I have this forum where several thousand people tune in to what I have to say each and every day, then I thought it wise to take a second and do my bidding here. Let's just say that in blogland this is the equivalent of clapping "Happy Happy Birthday" in Spanish while Kelli wears a sombrero. So here goes...

K.......KIND. Kelli is kind. She really is. She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. (Although you would have to be sure you wanted to wear rhinestones, the color black and something off of the rack at Chico's.) But here's an example of her kindness; on more than one occasion I use the ol' "I forgot my wallet at home trick" and by george, Kelli falls for it every time. Either that or she's just kind enough to treat me to Saxby's, Chik-fil-A, candy at Walgreens and Stonepuppies. I am not using the word "kind" because it's an easy out with the letter K, the woman is actually kind. Besides, she certainly ain't kinky.

E.......EASY. Whoa there, let me explain. Kelli is one of the easiest friends I've ever had. When she's moody, she let's you know. When she's happy, she talks your head off. You don't have to guess with Kelli; no games - it's not her style. You can invite her over at a moment's notice even when your house is a wreck - she don't care. Once she came over and I was so mortified at how my house looked she vacuumed it for me. She is low maintenance. And if you've ever spent a few years with one of the most high maintenance individuals ever known to mankind (as some of us have) then you know that a low maintenance friend is a welcome and wonderful thing. She's easy, easy like Sunday morning.

L.......LAUGHTER. Wanna know one of my very favorite things about Kelli? When she laughs she throws her head all the way back. She really does. And you know she's having a great time when she does that. It makes you want to do it, too.

L.......LOYAL. Future friends of Kelli, listen up! If she loves you - she loves you alllllll the way. Whatever baggage you come with, whatever hang-ups you have, whatever flaws have flawed you, she loves you all the way. And when she decides to circle the wagons, to link arms and protect you - then you can believe no one is getting in. No one. Thank God for that.

I.......Irrepressible. The woman is a bulldog. And trust me, you want her in your corner. Give her an idea, she'll run with it. Tell her your problem, she'll pray till it's gone. Make her laugh, she'll laugh till she cries. Make her mad, spend the day inside your home. The woman is irrepressible. And just to be totally honest - this personality trait can go either way depending on what kind of mood your in.

We love you Kelli. Have a great birthday.
See you tomorrow night for your girls night out.
Until then...

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