Mar 31, 2008

"Kind of like a Texas Calzone."

Tonight was day one of our The Great Recipe Contest Challenge of 2008 brought to you by the makers of Vitametavegamin. I went to the grocery store this morning and bought all my goods for my week long recipe extravaganza. I spent, like, $1900 so these better be good.

Each night I will post what we just ate. I'll tell you how you can make it at your home. I'll even tell you if you want to make it at your house. I'll give my opinion, which I absolutely love doing under any circumstances. And so will the Attorney General, which you would normally have to pay for (on an hourly basis), and believe you me, if ever there was a man created to reign down judgment on even the simplest of things - it's this one.

Speaking of the Attorney General, before we get started I need to make a disclaimer: Please know that you who submitted recipes are in no way, shape, form or fashion going to win a Cadillac El Dorado. The AG wants me to make that quite clear. It sent shudders down his spine to think that I may have been
"fraudulent with my claims and in order to abstain from
liability under the agreeable terms of a non-negotiated contract
neither nor heretofore on paper and we must make sure that..."
I think I hear the smurfs singing on TV and I hate balloons and I forgot I bought ice cream today and should I make my hair blond for the summer........(yep, these are the thoughts running through my mind as he's talking like this.)

On with it!


Tonight we had Kristen's Chicken Pot Pie.
Talk about easy. (The Pot Pie, not Kristen.) Here are the only ingredients you will need:

Chicken (3 or 4 breasts; boiled until done and tender)
A can of mixed veggie's (I use Del Monte because they look fancier).
A can of Cream of Chicken Soup
A can of Cream of Potato Soup
And 2 pie crusts' (Frozen. Not homemade. Because people that do that make me sick.)
Seasoning (I used salt and pepper, garlic and onion powder)

Simply mix all together - season to taste - and pour into one pie crust. Mound it up really good in the middle and place 2nd pie crust on top. Bake at 375 for 45-50 minutes.


I actually had to take mine out the last 20 minutes, wrap foil around the edges and put it back in to finish cooking. But that really isn't any trouble.

Also, this prepares a lot of food. So if you like leftovers or need lunch the next day, this is for you!


This is definitely going on our rotation. I mean, for Pete's sake - it had two pie crusts! I tell you what, that Kristen knows how to win a contest. You enter a recipe with two pie crusts and you're already in the running.

I thought it was easy, and I like anything that I have to put in the oven and in the time it takes to cook it I can clean what little bit of dishes it got messy. Of course the pie crust was a plus but I genuinally liked the taste.

The Attorney General liked it. He was a little thrown by the cream of potato soup in it, he wasn't used to it and so he kept mentioning that (I might have to leave it out next time for him - not for me). But overall he liked it. He was the one who said to add it to our rotation, so fancy that! He mentioned that it would take us eight days to eat it all and since I'm cooking every night this week we may have to throw a lot out. He said I should half it, but I think that would be hard to do. Then he took one last bite and muddled out something that sounded like, "mmm...taste's kind of like a Texas calzone." Who knows.

Now Remi was not supposed to take part in this contest, but considering she has never ever gotten out of her chair, played with her toys for 5 minutes, then crawled back up in it and asked for more, I felt I needed to add this to the vote. She loved it. And when she asked for more she said "crackers mama. crackers." She thought the pie crust was crackers. Like mother like daughter.

So the Attorney General, the true speaker of our house (get it??) renders it a:

3 (out of 5) gavel meal.


CEU said...

Thanks for including the recipes, so we can play along at home!

Kristen said...

First of all, if anyone actually makes this, do not use Del-Monte Mixed Vegetables. The recipe I sent calls for a can of Veg-All, and that's what you need to use. It makes a difference.
Second, if you don't like Cream of Potato soup, or if, like the AG, it "throws" you, then you can use Cream of Celery. It won't make the pot pie taste like celery.
Third, my husband refuses to even taste this stuff, so I'm please that David gave it 3 gavels. I feel validated somehow.