Oct 12, 2007

16 Things She's Taught Me in 16 Months.

1. There is no problem to difficult or fall to hard that crawling up in daddy's lap won't help.

2. Going pantless really is the way to go.

3. It's okay to take a nap right in the middle of your day.

4. Milk really does do a body good.

5. There is no excuse for tan lines. So swim naked.

6. Throw something off of a balcony, it's a hoot!

7. Looking at Elmo really does cause you to smile. Just try staring at him and not smiling.

8. Whatever I need, at any time of day or at any stage in my life, my grandma already has it and knew I would be asking for it.

9. If grandma has fallen off the face of the earth and can't be found - Grandpa will buy it for me.

10. Bows are overrated.

11. Nothing in life taste better than a dinner of french fries, mac-n-cheese and a roll.

12. If it's your birthday you have every right to cram the cake in your face. To heck with your guests!

13. Mommies fix everything.

14. Touching someone's face and saying "pretty" means I can get a horsey or a new car.

15. Everyone should have someone who kisses their boo-boo, let's them ride on their back and reads them to sleep.

16.If I could look half as cute as her saying "NO" I would say it in my life a lot more often.

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